Twitch changes their policy

Jake Cass
Published on August 25, 2022

So Twitch changed its exclusive policy which now allows its creators to stream on other platforms while they’re not live on Twitch, for example, stream one day on Twitch second day on YouTube.

Why would they do this and does this benefit a creator?

Given that most Twitch streamers split their subscription fees with Twitch, standard partners getting 50/50, and ambassadors getting around 70/30, this could be an excellent opportunity for smaller streamers to test the waters on other platforms.

Although it’s good for smaller streamers, the largest creators can be affected by this, there might be a slight drop in revenue splits and we might see some creators on custom contracts have their subscription % reduced due to this change.

Creators who already have an audience on Twitch, should not look into streaming on other social platforms and should treat other platforms as a way to promote their main platform where they stream, no one would like to watch the game of thrones one day on HBO and then next week on CBS, it’s confusing and quite frankly annoying.

I think for the established creators this new policy is useless and only beneficial to Twitch, I get that it’s a company.

So for now, Twitch streamers with an audience should treat YouTube and Facebook by uploading VOD content and shorts with a CTA to the watch where they stream, and for TikTok short form entertaining parts of their stream to drive a new audience to their streaming channel.

By all means, if you’re a streamer, be careful with this change, and only make the shift if you know it will work out on the other side.

And as always, if you’re a gamer, and you’re not earning from others using your clips hit me up, I would love to have a chat regarding that!

Published by:
Jake Cass
Co-Founder at Aegis